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Click Type Torque Driver

Click Type Torque Drivers work upon the idea of click mechanism with the help of the spring tension which is there inside the wrench. The outcome observed is tighter the spring, the more twisting force product takes in order to make it click. When you turn on the adjusting knob or the dial(whatever you term it as) on the end of the handle, it happens to tighten the spring. These allow the operator to set the torque which is applied to the fastener and as a result it matches to the specifications for a particular application. The mentioned process allows proper tension along with loading of all parts. Lets consider an example for better understanding, suppose Accuracy of +-4% communicates that if your fastener is tightened having a specification of 100 ft-lb., then Click Type Torque Drivers will click in order to symbolize a proper torque that will lie between 96 and 104 ft-lb.

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